Mountain Fuel product testing

Whatever form of exercise you choose to participate in, it’s always important to consider how you fuel your body.  I like to think of the food I eat as the fuel for a car, no fuel and the car doesn’t work – no food and your body won’t work very well.  If you don’t take care of your car, keeping the tyres inflated and cleaning the injectors, you may not get the maximum fuel efficiency.  The same goes for your body if you eat the ‘right’ foods you should find that you get more out of your exercise regime.

I’m training for a marathon, so my exercise is mainly running.  This could last anything from 50 ish minutes to sometimes over 90 minutes and it’s only going to increase.  It’s vital that I fuel your body accordingly, considering foods that contain slow-burning carbohydrates (see my recent blog about my porridge adventures) to keep me energetic during my run.  With this in mind, I recently contacted a company called Mountain Fuel to get their advice.  Mountain Fuel was the first company to exclusively specialise in formulating and developing balanced nutrition supplements specifically for endurance sports, such as marathon running.

The team there were incredibly helpful and after a couple of conversations, we settled on a selection of their products, suitable for pre-run energy and post-training recovery.  I recently tested the Mountain Fuel ‘Morning Fuel’ product before setting out on a training run and I vlogged it all.  Check out the video below for my thoughts on Morning Fuel.

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