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If you are partial to an online purchase and you are not already using a cashback site, then you are almost certainly missing out on free money.  Cashback sites have been around for a while now, but there is still some scepticism, too good to be true? Actually, no it’s not.  It’s very real, 100% legitimate and a great way to save money so that you can spend even more money online!

What is a cashback site and how does it work?

To put it simply, it does what it says on the tin.  When you buy something via a cashback site, they will agree to give you a certain amount of money if you complete the sale.  The cashback is normally stored in your online account and you can withdraw at a later date – it’s not deducted from the cost of your purchase.  Cashback sites will offer access to a number of your favourite websites.  If you visit that site via their link, the cashback site will earn a commission if you complete the sale.  It’s this commission that they pass on to you, as cashback.  (This is paid to you by the cashback site and not by the retailer where you complete your sale).

The cashback transaction tracking is often cookie dependant – I have a little trick to ensure that you don’t miss out on your reward.  Browse your favourite website – let’s say it was  You’ve found your goodies and you are ready to purchase.  Leave and then clear your cookies on your computer.  Once this is done, head over to your chosen cashback site, search for Boots and click through their link.  This way, the cashback site essentially referred you to Boots and you will earn your money.  If you have never been to a site before, there is no need to clear your browser cookies before heading to Topcashback*.

cashback at boots

How do they make any money?

Don’t worry, they make their money, despite paying all of this wonderful bounty to you.  Some of the sites charge a £5 annual fee (deducted from the rewards that you earn, so you don’t have to pay anything so to speak).  By using the “premium” service, you will often benefit from access to greater rewards.  Others will have onsite advertising deals where a client pays to have their brand in front of you whilst you shop.

Which cashback sites should I use?

There are a couple of main players in the cashback market, Quidco* and TopCashback*.  I prefer TopCashback and have been using the site now for well over 5 years, earning almost £2000 so far. (I’ve also earned almost £400 with Quidco)  TopCashback strives to pay the highest cashback of all of the sites out there.  They will also often pay bonuses to members too.  I like how easy the TopCashback site is to use and navigate.  Once you log in you can browse more than 4000 retailers by using the search box.  Alternatively, if you know which category you require, such as travel, there is a handy shortcut.

When you click through to the brand page, it will advise how much you can earn.  This may vary depending on what you buy, whether you are a new or existing customer.  Do double check if you can claim cashback when using a voucher code, as sometimes this is not the case.

cashback total

Ready to begin?

If you have heard enough and want to crack on with earning some free money, then what are you waiting for? Head over to TopCashback* before 3rd April using this link* and you will earn a £5 sign on bonus, essentially giving you access to the premium service for 12 months, for free.

Don’t forget to share your cashback stories with us! If you are interested in other ways to save money, check out my review of the Chip Savings app too.

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