Odeon Screen Unseen – Baby Driver

Odeon screen unseen is a great concept allowing you to see future movies at a discounted price.  Check out the blog post from my previous Odeon screen unseen experience to find out more.  On that occasion, the movie was Hidden Figures, which went on to take over $230m at the worldwide box office.

Screen Unseen, June 2015 – Baby Driver

If I told you that Baby Driver was based around a young male character named Baby who wanted to give up his job as a driver after meeting a girl, you probably wouldn’t be expecting the movie that was to follow.  Baby is played by Ansel Elgort, unknown to me but recognised by many for his role in the Divergent series.

Baby Driver was a bit of a surprise, despite having watched the trailer (below).  Whilst the trailer does encapsulate the body of the movie, it certainly doesn’t reflect the heart.  There’s a gangster story, a love story, a heartwarming story of friendship and so much more.  Amongst the smoking guns and screeching car wheels, there is still time for plenty of laugh out loud moments and the occasional tear.

I didn’t pay attention to the director (Edgar Wright) at the time. With a CV including Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the dead, it should be no surprise that this movie is destined to be big.


The only thing more box office than the cast (Oscar winners Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx plus Jon Hamm, who has won a Golden Globe and an Emmy) is the soundtrack, which is incredible.  Music is a strong theme throughout the movie, playing key parts of the script as well as setting the scene.  The official soundtrack contains no fewer than THIRTY tracks! Without a good story, a movie is nothing.  In some instances, the story is the music and without the excellently chosen tracks, it wouldn’t be half the movie that it is.

The story

Set in Atlanta, Baby is a getaway driver, indebted to crime boss Doc (Kevin Spacey).  Orphaned as a child after a car accident, he developed tinnitus and spends most of the day listening to music to drown out the noise.  Along the way, we meet the song of his life, Debora, who he plans to abandon his criminal ways for and escape into the sunset.  Doc plans a number of ‘jobs’ for which he puts together a different crew each time.  For the big heist, he combines the mildly psychotic Bats (Jamie Foxx) with Buddy (Hamm) and his wife Darling.   Baby decides that now is the time to make a break for it with Debora, whereas Bats has other ideas. Without giving too much away, Baby starts to make his escape but ends up finding himself in even more trouble.


Baby Driver has undertones of a Quentin Tarantino movie.  There a number of scenes where you are almost lifted out of the story line.  You’ll also see an element of a La La land-esque movie about it and you often find yourself looking at the character as they appear to be speaking/singing to you.

Once again I have been very pleased with my Screen Unseen experience.  If nothing else you save a decent amount of money on a regular ticket price.  If you are lucky as I have been, you’ll see a lot of excellent movies before anyone else.

Baby Driver (certificate 15) is in UK cinemas as of 29th June 2017.




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